A Tight Design Brief – Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics Research Site

Daniel Horke came to me with a firm idea of how he wanted his Research site to function. It must feature the logo that he had made himself, the user must not have to scroll much on the pages in the site, and it must be easy to keep updated.

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics Research Logo

Green Glen Solutions worked with Daniel to make this vision a reality. To compliment the round logo, we made 4 round clickable images leading to 4 main research areas.

Easy to update

In order to save Daniel time, we automated the updating process as much as possible. The “News” section in the sidebar of all pages is pulled from a twitter feed. There is a Publications page, and various sections across the site showing relevant and recent research publications. These are all pulled from a bibtex file generated by the publication software that the research group already uses. The only parts of the site that the group have to manually update is to add team members and outreach projects.

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics Research Website Home Page

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